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Sunday, July 30, 2006
Erm.... sorry guys to keep u waiting. I'm finally back to post again, only after so many people screaming for me to update. Would not be changing my blogskin though cause it takes far too much time, very troublesome. Loads of things to catch up in school plus I was so preoccupied with all the tests. Flunked my maths test on tues. Left so many half-empty questions throughout the whole paper and whats more, i didn't know how to do the last question which was 8 marks in total.

Hmm... i'll post about more interesting stuff. I'll dedicate my post to our class's most interesting character award QUEEN, AUDREY MOK!! haha. (hope u visit my blog often to read this.) k. Let me give U people a rough idea of how Audrey looks like....

She has eyes which can't be seen when she laughs, a mushroom head and a mouth which is so wide even when she smile. At times, she would tell her partner, Tiffany that her mouth is so tired that she'll have to leave it hangin open. Its a pity i don't have a photo of her. Will do so when i managed to get one with her laughing.

Audrey, u simply rock the class. U are our dear mushroom, fungus, vegetable and corny queen. We love u. haha. * but pls stop reading those sick books man*

Oh yes, your letter from someone in class who loves you alot. Wow, Audrey, you gotta be happy that you have earned yourself a secret admirer. ahha. Here's the short and sweet letter:

Yo Hot BaBe,
There has been something i wanna tell you for a long time. I SIMPLY LOVE YOU!! You will forever be my beloved fungus!
Lv Secret Admirer..

Blah Blah.. Don't want monday to come. Got to perform the Good Earth thingie. Can't even do bridge properly. wahh.. Roger said my walking posture was ugly with my backbone swaying about like a coconut tree and my knees "crashing" against each other from the impact of my unusual walking style....

Will post another day maybe after the sports trip. Gotta go for vocal lessons. No transport today, gotta take the MRT. Blah blah... Dislike Backstabbers (random)
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
9:40 AM

Monday, July 17, 2006
Hello ppl, i'm finally back to post. My blog looks so dead and lifeless, so i'm here to add some stuff.... hmm... school nationals and piano examinations are finally over.

School nats was fun with the dunking thingie. Got dunk thrice. First time was by Ziwei which turns out kinda unsuccessful, with me landing on the edge of the pool instead of in it. haha. The second time was when i climbed outta the pool. Got pushed by dun noe who back into the water face flat. The thrid time was the most hilarious one of all with peiqi and me struggling at the competitive pool, trying to fling each other into the pool. Erm... she overpowered me so i was the one who got dunked in the end. Gonna get back at her next year!! haha..

Results at school nationals was not that satisfying though. Only managed to clock a pb for 200m breaststroke, slacked by a sec for my 1oom.

I think i'm going to flunk my paino exam. My examiner was a female one who was super impatient. She didn't even bother to look up when i walked in and while giving me my scales, aural and sightreading. She just kept looking down at her documents and scoring sheet. Made me so nervous that i had so many slips while playing my scales. Couldn't even play E major properly. Man, i just wasted hundred over dollars on that exam...

Hmm.... going traing later. Hope the set is going to be easy. Don't want to do any 20 times 50 dive max, 30 times 100 fs heart rate set or 30 times 100 best form. These sets enough to kill me !! Will be late for dryland traing 'coz my mum would only be coming to pick me up at 4 !! Gotta go now. will post again when i'm free.
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
2:45 PM

Monday, July 03, 2006
Hello ppl, hven't got the time to blog ever since school started. Have lots of new teachers coming in to replace those retiring. Real sad that our dear Mrs Sushila is leaving and replacing her is a male teacher who likes to act as if he's really professional in english lit and drama. Gonna miss Mrs Sushi and all her hilarious n enlightening stories loads.

Great changes to timetable in term three too. Tuesdays are really going to be a long and tiring day with goegraphy, history, maths, english and chemistry. Do prefer mondays. Not much subjects.

Hmm.... World Cup is not going to be as exciting as it should be with the most wanted teams out of the game like england n brazil. Guess I'm gonna die.haha.

Erm... just read about this guy, Julian Beever. He's an English artist who's famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, US, Australia and Belgium.

It's particularity Beever gives to his masterpieces are drawn completely deformed but it gives a 3D image when viewing from the right angle. Witness it for yourself. It's amazing !!!

Here's some pictures:

Removed tiles;

Coke Bottle;

Woman in the pool;

When taken from e wrong angle;

--Mary HAD a little lamb--
9:07 AM

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